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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aging gracefully is a choice, but lot of us get burdened with the feeling of aging and it starts to show on our face. There are practical ways of maintaining a healthy and wrinkle free skin, like drinking lots of water, sleeping well, exercising regularly, de-stressing, and meditating. You may be able to delay the process of aging by taking supplements for anti aging.
Vitamin C : Anti aging skin care is vital and it is important to maintain the oxygenation. Vitamin C eases the supply of skin through tiny capillaries. Vitamin C can be taken in high dosages as it does not accumulate in our body. Vitamin C is necessary for connective tissue which makes it important in skin care. It helps reduce and prevent wrinkles.

To have maximum intake of Vitamin C eat a lot of colorful vegetables like red peppers and green leafy vegetables, spinach, cabbage.

Vitamin E : Vitamin E helps to maintain the suppleness of the skin. It boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation.

CoQ10 : CoQ10 depletes from the body because of aging. It is good for the health of our heart, and anything that boosts the heart aides in proper blood flow thus helping to maintain youthful skin. CoQ10 plays an important role in maintaining the supply of Vitamin E, which is another anti aging anti oxidant. When Vitamin E gets exhausted as an antioxidant protecting our cell membranes, CoQ10 recharges it and then restores its anti oxidant power.

HGH : Homeopathic HGH Human Growth Hormone or Gonadic Somatropin is a powerful anti aging supplement. Its drawback is that you need to continue taking it to maintain the effect.

DMAE : DMAE has unique qualities for anti aging skin care which can firm and lift skin. DMAE is an amino alcohol that is present in tiny amounts in our brains, but has a huge impact on the functioning of our brain. It stimulates the speed of our brains. It is present in abundance in fish, like salmon, pilchards and sardines. The best source of DMAE is wild fish as compared to farmed fish. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and thus can be of topical use as an anti aging ingredient in skin care.

Ginseng : The phytochemicals present in ginseng limit the stress hormones, improves sharpness and mental function. It boosts blood circulation in our brain; this lifts our ability to think. Ginseng helps to get relief from insomnia. These elements are important since they affect the process of aging directly.

There are number of anti aging tips and the healthiest way of fighting aging signs is living a healthy life.


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